Random Comments

Random Comments

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Below are the list of browsers (and their corresponding download link) which are available to use our addon:

Random Comments is a browser addon that helps you to perform draws using your favorite social networks! Using a random value generated by Random UChile you will make your draws in a completely random, transparent and verifiable way..

¿For whom is it designed?

Random Comments seeks to help to any entity that needs to perform a draw completely at random over the comments from any post on your favorite social network.

¿How it works?

Using Random Comments is very easy!, you just need to follow this 3 steps:

  1. Go to the post where you want to perform the draw. The addon is designed to detect which websites are valid posts, thus if your are in one of them, it will explicitely tell you.

  2. Once in the post you must follow the instructions of the addon in order to start the draw. When you do, the comments on the post will be automaticaly loaded and one of them will be chosen at random. If the selected user doesn’t fulfill the requirements of your draw, you can repeat the random selection process as many times as you want until you get a valid comment.

  3. Once you choose a winner, a link will be generated that you can share of your social network in order that all the contestants (or any person) can verify that the draw was made in a random, transparent and verifiable way.

Social Networks supported:

Right now we only have support for Instagram, but soon we will add support for other social networks!